Our Assurance to You

Quality Assurance

Nowadays, millions of people are on the social media almost every minute of their life, especially Facebook, smartphones and etc

Our team of passionate professionals recognizes the importance of marketing via these networks and is able to create an all rounded marketing campaign so that your product can be reached out in various social media platforms, therefore reaching out to a wider group of audiences.

Privacy Assurance

At Playchap, we know the importance of personal privacy of our clients.

We treat each and every client as being an unique VIP and will NEVER disclose, share or sell any information or databases provided by you to anyone, unless requested by Law Enforcement Agencies.

Service Assurance

We are very responsive to emails and will reply your enquiries within 24hours time or earlier.

Gurantee Assurance

Once your product is up running, we will provide you with a 6 months warranty so that any problems you encountered and any updates from you will be free within this period of time.