Why Choose Playchap as Your One Stop Social Marketing Solution Hub ?

As we all know, social networking has taken over the past boring life of an individual. Information and entertainment applications are readily available and accessible by billions of people everyday.

PlayChap is established since 2005 and has been developing social applications and facebook pages over the years. With these years of experience, we are able to build an all rounder social networking awareness of your company to reach these billions of users everyday!

Design and Quality

Packaging are especially important when you want to capture the most views of your social networking sites. We have a team of design professionals to create your sites and pages so that they look unique and outstanding from the rest of your competitors. Also, we will test and check all details before delivery so that you can be assured that your products are finished bug-free!


We are flexible and able to adjust to your requirements.


We aim to make the best value of your budget, we understand fully Quality + Pricing = Delivery